Piet Blom Consultancy B.V.

Since 1994, Piet Blom Consultancy BV provides specialized consultancy in water management. Piet Blom Consultancy BV is specialized in waste water treatment, water control, sewerage systems and civil engineering.

Piet Blom Consultancy BV strives to improve the quality of urban and rural areas by integrated water management. Moreover, the company contributes to improve the surface water system and the water chain.

In the Netherlands, projects are conducted for rural and urban communities and for waterboards. Furthermore, Piet Blom Consultancy BV advises several companies with their water management.

The activities of Piet Blom Consultancy BV concern:

  • Rural and urban water management
    Coordination and development of rural and urban water management projects. These projects include sewerage, water quality and quantity, waste water treatment and spatial development.
  • Waste water treatment
    Consultancy and technological designs of waste water treatment systems, for individual, municipal and industrial purposes.
  • Sewerage system management
    Development of municipal sewage systems and operational programmes, coordination of sewage renewal projects. Development of policies concerning sewerage system and water treatment management.
  • Management consulting, interim management and project- management

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