University background

Piet Blom, director of Piet Blom Consultancy BV, has a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering of the Delft University of Technology and is specialized in sanitary engineering and water control. Furthermore, Piet Blom has studied Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Career in Water Management

From 1980 till 1988, Piet Blom worked as vice-president for Bosman BV. Bosman BV designs, manufactures and installs complete systems for the control of surface water (pumping stations) and treatment of waste water (wastewater treatment plants). During this time, Piet Blom has developed special and innovative biological wastewater treatment plants, which are implemented throughout the Netherlands and abroad and now serve hundreds of thousands inhabitants (p.e.).

Furthermore, from 1989 till 1993, Piet Blom has worked as general manager of the water control and wastewater treatment division of the water authority of Rijnland, one of the most important waterboards of the Netherlands. The Rijnland area stretches from Wassenaar up to and includes part of Amsterdam, and from IJmuiden up to and including Gouda. This area is 1,100km² in size. 1.3 million people live, work, travel and relax here.

Piet Blom has worked as senior water consultant for different companies such as Schreiber Corporation Germany, Nijhuis Water BV, K-Pack BV and Ecotechniek Water BV and as senior consultant and staff member of Redox BV.

With excellent knowledge and expertise of 35 years in the field of water management, Piet Blom decided in 1994 to start Piet Blom Consultancy BV.

Piet Blom Consultancy B.V. is a member of the following associations:

  • NVA - the Netherlands Association for Water Management
    The association’s aim is to enhance the knowledge and art of multidisciplinary integrated water management and the collection, transport and treatment of wastewater. NVA brings together people engaged in management, planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, monitoring, research and education concerning sewerage, domestic and industrial sewage and wastewater treatment, river management, pollution control, flood and bank protection, i.e. all aspects of integrated water management.
  • KiVi – Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands
    This institution promotes the interests of her member engineers. Members of KiVi all have an academic background. Furthermore, KiVi is the oldest institute for engineers in Europe.

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